“Plans are established by advice; by wise guidance you wage war!” (Pro 20:18)

How often do you think you know best? Often, we only think we are right because we haven’t heard anything better. Perhaps there is a better way. Just because we lead doesn’t mean we have all the answers and have to be infallible.

When we are embarking on a new venture, making a new plan, or moving in a new direction, there is wisdom in seeking the advice of others. It is pride or haste that stops us from seeking the wisdom of others. When we are reliant on ourselves, we are guaranteed to make the mistakes that others have already made.

There is often wisdom in the collective reasoning of a team of close advisers. Many brains are better than one. When we look at a problem or opportunity from a number of different perspectives, the conclusions we draw are more complete.

Quick Prayer: Keep me open to the guidance of others, Lord. Amen.


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