Go to the ant, you sluggard. Consider her ways and be wise.” (Pro 6:6)

I don’t like ants; they can be quite a nuisance; but they have enormous energy and strength. They never seem to rest. They are always productive and busy. There is a lesson of a need for application and hard work.

There is fruit from good, honest labor, focus, and application. If we wait for it to happen by itself, it probably won’t. We have a responsibility to be productive with the gifts and resources given to us. In a very real way, we are, and will be, held accountable.

There is opportunity in leadership to ease up and get others to do all the hard work. Whilst delegation is an essential skill and empowerment releases potential, it does not obfuscate the need for our own application.

Take a moment to reflect on your workload. Are you focused and applying your resources with wisdom?

Quick Prayer: Give me the focus and energy to be productive, Lord. Amen.


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