Emerging Leaders and a Faithful Role in the Marketplace

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Today's Guest: Peta Bilton, Founder Known Impact, ESG Expert and B-Corp Consultant.

Join us on Monday Movement as we explore the transformative journey of Peta Bilton, the Founder of Known Impact, an ESG Expert, and a B-Corp Consultant. Discover how this young professional embodies the principles of being "salt and light" in the secular marketplace, infusing her Christian faith into every aspect of her work.

Explore Peta's mission to instil ethical practices and social responsibility into businesses, serving as a beacon of light in the corporate landscape. Gain insights into her unique approach to leadership and business transformation.

Feeling inspired by Peta's journey? Reach out to her directly through LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/petabilton/ and explore Known Impact's groundbreaking work at https://www.knownimpact.com.au/

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