“There is a way which seems right to a man, but in the end, it leads to death.” (Pro 14:12)

Sometimes our natural tendencies can come to the fore. Pausing to seek God’s wisdom can often shift our view and may save us from an unseen consequence. It is worth considering that we are not always right, and that God has a better view.

Make sure God is included in your plans, or more correctly make sure you are included in His. He will put desires in your heart that align with His will, but we need to be in close relationship with Him for that dynamic to work well. Often what we think is right may not be, listen and learn and be obedient to the still quiet voice of the Holy Spirit.

When we belong to God, we are in His kingdom, under His jurisdiction. To prosper in this realm, we need to follow the auspices of the King. Doing it God’s way should be our prime modus operandi, even when it doesn’t make worldly sense. But occasionally we need some specific insight. Asking God and expecting an answer is part and parcel of a walk with a personal Saviour.

Quick Prayer: Show me Your way, Lord, that I may walk in it. Amen.


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