Get Outside

“Prepare your work outside and get your fields ready. Afterwards, build your house.” (Pro 24:27)

here is a lot of wisdom in this one very short verse. When we approach a new problem or situation at work, we have to ascertain the priorities. In this case, part of the required solution is productive and will ensure the secondary outcome.

If the fields are planted and the income is assured, then time and resources can be allocated to building the house. If the approach is the opposite, the house may well be built but with no food and resources, and disaster would ensue. The outcome could well be the loss of the house.

These two outcomes—failure and success—came from the same set of resources in the same situation with the same people; the only differentiator was the priorities set.

A key leadership responsibility is to set priorities to ensure the sustainability of the entirety, not just a single project. We are the keepers of the vision and have the big picture. Knowing the priorities is at the core of good leadership.

Quick Prayer: I see Your priorities, Lord. Help me to align my life to them. Amen.


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