“Listen to your father who gave you life, and don’t despise your mother when she is old.” (Pro 23:22)

Sometimes we assume that the parents’ role is over when the child leaves home. Perhaps we would do well to heed the advice of the Bible that seems to honour a parent’s advice for a lot longer time.

Just because you are now in a position of honour as a leader doesn’t mean that we are freed from this obligation. It is just as applicable now as it was when we started out.

While we may not understand this principle, depending on our skill base and the relationship we have with our parents, it is nonetheless a God-ordained decree. They have a lot more life under their belts than we do, and while we may or may not respect their opinions, we would do well to open our ears to their advice based on this principle in God’s Word.

Quick Prayer: Keep me open to my parents’ advice. Amen.


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