Stay Faithful

“Let your spring be blessed. Rejoice in the wife of your youth. A loving doe and a graceful deer— let her breasts satisfy you at all times. Be captivated always with her love.” (Pro 5:18-19)

Isn’t this meant to be a book about leadership? It is, and so is this scripture. God has a lot to say about the dangers of adultery in the ‘Book of Proverbs’. As leaders we are not only not immune but are often more vulnerable to the temptation. God doesn’t mince His words; He made us and knows us well.

Long hours, business trips, family stress, working with teams, and other leadership challenges, can all make us susceptible to falling in this most ancient of ways.

Maintaining a strong close relationship with our wife or husband is absolutely paramount to successful leadership. Our personal relationship with our life partner has to take priority for us to be effective, both in the short and long term.

Not only do we need to commit time to this priority but also protect the relationship with great big firm boundaries and protection mechanisms. Being aware of the risk and the need to maintain purity in this area is vital. I’ve seen too many great people fall at this hurdle. Protect yourself, your partner and your leadership.

Quick Prayer: Let me always be captivated by my Partner. Amen.


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