Urgent Priorities

“It isn’t good to have zeal without knowledge; nor being hasty with one’s feet and missing the way.” (Pro 19:2)

The business world is fast paced, changing rapidly, sometimes it is just a blur. As leaders we are called upon to make decisions quickly, remain flexible, innovative and spontaneous. But fast is not always best, and the first decision is not always the most prudent.

We can get caught up in the enthusiasm and fervor of a new initiative, change program or strategy. But if we have enthusiasm without a fair measure of facts, we could be hastening our demise. Equally, if we always make a quick judgment call or succumb to pressure for an answer, we may well be ‘missing the way’.

Often others’ deadlines are a measure of their lack of planning, rather than a need for immediacy. We can mistake speed for effectiveness, if we are not careful.

There is wisdom in taking time on important calls; that wisdom is often borne in collaboration with wise councilors. Sometimes more facts need to be brought to bear on the decision. What are the alternatives, have we looked at the risks? How can we make this decision an even better one?

There is a time for an instant response, but as this proverb reminds us, it is often wise to take time for some consideration.

Quick Prayer: Lord, help me to discern between the urgent and the important. Amen.


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